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Viasat Exede high speed internet now available in Crawfordsville , IN

Exede from VST Electronics, Crawfordsville , IN

Exede from VST Electronics is the nouveau addition to satellite internet providers for rural locations. It is ViaSat's latest technology in satellite internet services, with results that exceed those of other providers. Exede provides better quality HD movie streaming, picture downloads and web-browsing in general, as opposed to other providers. This ultimate combination of fast optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has enabled even those who live out in the country to access the connection that will enable them to get the most out of the Internet.

Internet Package Options

Our package options range based on what you need and what you can afford. Beginning at a low cost of $49.99, you can access a bandwidth of 10GB per month; ideal for those making new connections with the online world. This offer is great for light internet usage such as research, emails and the daily news. And for an extra $30, you can access twice that capacity at 15GB, allowing you to view additional films, transmit more photographs, and supplement your media-rich online experience. For those who spend much of their time on the computer, the 15GB plan is beyond ideal; this is the plan that will permit you to enjoy graphics heavy sites such as YouTube and Facebook. For a maximum fee of $129.99 per month, this 25GB plan delivers optimum online savings. This plan is designed for families who use the net all at once from multiple computers, or for those deeply immersed web surfers that deal with massive files. Our plans guarantee the same excellence and support that ViaSat has always given its customers.

Exede - The Best Choice

HughesNet, with is associated with Dish Network, has similar deals as Exede but their company provides more restrictions. Their system tends to reach a maximum of 250MB every day, disallowing customers from enjoying the World Wide Web as well as its multi-media content to its maximum potential. HughesNet is on its way to a breakthrough in the next few years with a new satellite system but, up until then, Exede may be a better choice.

Cox, Comcast and Time Warner High Speed Internet

Customers in rural areas who want cable over satellite internet are just not aware of Exede's benefits over cable's geographical restrictions. So why bother considering cable internet when its services are incapable of reaching remote locations? Cable internet remains a popular choice throughout the US but satellite internet is making great strides as it covers all areas, rural and urban.

FiOS and Fiber. Verizon and Google.

Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS have begun to employ new technology to provide its users a quick and efficient internet package. These very appropriate companies are embracing the technology as they continue to spread the availability to further reaches of the US. While there are many speed benefits in using fiber optic cable, the main problem (and it will probably be a problem for years to come) is that it is not available for most people.

The Inside Scoop

Making its grand introduction in 2012, this novel variety of satellite was culled from the newest and most modern technology in the world. Exede provides the best of all possible worlds, offering a solid internet connection with sturdy satellites in country areas otherwise limited to the application of dial up and DSL connections. Our competitors' low resolution Ku band bandwidth causes degradation during bad weather, whereas our high resolution Ka band communication satellites provide you with the speed and quality internet you deserve.

This stellar mix of incredible online technology has been developed and perfected to provide the ultimate Internet experience. Say sayonara to your old providers and get acquainted with Exede's impeccable internet service in Crawfordsville , IN from VST Electronics.


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